Antiquarian Books

Those who visited The Stray Dog Booksellers in Port Melbourne will be familiar with the superb collection of books consistently on offer.

The shop was a much-loved destination for the book-lovers of Melbourne and beyond. Located on the site of the historic 1860’s Naval Brigade Hotel, the shop was graced with period lead-light windows, rolling ladders and beautiful timber shelving laden with collectible and antiquarian books. Customers felt they had entered an era long since past.

Many of our customers travelled annually from interstate to shop at The Stray Dog. We also had customers from the U.S., Britain, Ireland and New Zealand who always set aside time for a visit to The Stray Dog whenever their travels brought them to Melbourne. They invariably left the shop weighed down with rare and special books, and wondering how on earth they were ever going to fit them in their luggage! Of course, postage was always an option which, on many occasions, was exactly what we did.

The same range and quality of books is now available for you online. We treasure our book collection and we know you will too!