Against the Odds Escapes & Evasions by Allied Airmen, World War 2 New Book


Description 2005. Revised Edition. New Book. First published by the Executive Committee of the Royal Air Force Escaping Society, Australia Branch in 1995. Coloured Maps. Includes Escape From Battle, by J.F. Hobler; A Night Walk in the Libyan Desert by R.J.C. Whittle; Two Evasions and an Escape by Andrew [Nicky] Barr; Night Flight to Freedom, by C.A. Campbell; Rommel's Barber, by N.K. Baker; Mosquito to Maquis on "D" Plus Fifty, by J.R.C. Walton; The Major to the Rescue by M. Adams; Heliogoland to Holland, by M.A. Norris and many more. Thirty two stories in total. 169 pp
Author Edited by Adams, Murray
Edition Revised Edition
Publisher Published by Air Power Development Centre, Canberra
Publisher Place Canberra
Publisher Year 2005
Binding Softcover



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